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In Mughal means such an eye which is not only one society but the eye of eighteen men, then the history of such Aishree Mughal is thirteen and a half hundred years old. Father in Mughal means ‘Devsur Dhandhaniya’ and mother means ‘Ranbai Man’ Bhimrana is the birth place of Ai.

Mother was not speaking when she was born. Everyone believed that Mughal was Munga but no one realized his power. Mogul was married at the age of 40. In Moghal’s father-in-law is Gorvayali village of Bhensan taluka of Jungadh, Mataji is married to his daughter-in-law’s son. It is a practice of Gadvi society that the niece goes behind the fie, i.e. the daughter is married to the son of the fie.

Mataji died in carts and horses. I gave about 15 cows, buffaloes to work and at that time I sent another girl to work with my daughter, at that time I sent Vanji to serve my mother. At that time the marriage took place with Akhatrija.

In earlier times Akhatriya was considered as the best Muhurta. As Mataji’s life departed, Charan asked Mataji many questions on the way but Moghal didn’t say anything, so Charan asked questions to Vanji, so Vanji started talking to Charan and also gave all the introductions. While talking like this, the mind progressed and thirteen and a half hundred years ago there was a mantra age.

Vanji said to Charan that ‘Father I know something’ so Kaviraj said, son what do you know? Then Vanji took a grain of flour and struck it and said, “If the water tank has not broken and the water is coming, Janaiya held the cloth high and started shaking in the milk and at the same time started shaking in the Mughal.” So people realized that there is no long understanding in this. Do not do this.

This paper was shown by Vanji and the forest was also burnt by Vanji by throwing sesame seeds. Thus they proceeded and when the village priest came, they undressed and sat down. Then the Mughal in-laws prepared for the samaya and brought drums and drums.

In earlier times, there was a rule that a novice could change his clothes only after taking a ‘dasaiyu’ bath, but Mughal mothers changed those clothes first. Also, Charan got an idea that he did not give Vanji any kind of praise, so Kaviraj went to Vanji’s side and said, ‘Sabas Vanji, you will be a good wife’, raised his hand and clapped Vanji and according to the customs of Charans, Parnari clapped if not accepted. Charan clapped his hands and at the crackling of this clapping Mogul’s eyebrows turned and Ma looked in front and said, ‘That Charan, this is our son or daughter. had to be removed.

bhimrana mogal dham history

The people were astonished and cried out that Mungi I spoke and then became angry, his hair grew on high and he assumed a dark form.

After seeing this great black image of Mughal, the people were shocked. Mana started walking but no one knew that she assumed the raudra form of Mataji. At this time, Moghul requested the earth to take me into the star and the earth started to split, dressed in the clothes of a pilgrim and Moghul gradually began to be absorbed into the earth. Vanji’s mind began to hesitate that due to a clap of hands, Ma took the form of Rudra. If people find out, it will be difficult to live. Vanji came running and fell at Ai’s feet and said that ‘Tar toy mari tu ne mar toy mari tu’ means mother took pity and fell on Vanji’s lap, that’s why Vanji is still established in Bhimrana Mughal and even now in Bhimrana’s fruit in Meldi, in Sikoter, I Vanji, Vachchraj Solanki and Veer who is a Kshetpal.

Mughals were absorbed into the land of Gorviyali and now Mughals are also known as Gorvi Mughals. At the time of his death in the earth, the words of Mughal were that, ‘For father Charano to be blessed forever and to give birth to nine lakhs of Lobaliyali, Charan’s lap should be the only one in other clans, I no Avatare’. Nine lakhs of Lobaliyali descended from Mughal Mahakali.

Also, I said that he was wearing the dress of a priest at the time of entering the earth. I said that because of wearing this costume, his family wears this costume every three years, so the mogul in the mogul is worn at 12 o’clock in the night, and at that time, the person who is in the middle of the night goes to get a blanket and a blanket, so in a second, the mogul in the sky falls. There is a blessing in Moghal that the ray comes and falls on the society that is sitting and the sins of the people are destroyed. Thus, if Mughals come to Chhab in Adwa and clothe him for three years, he will be named Tarawala. There is a Charani Charaj for the fish.

“Tarwale Oravo Madi Tarwale Oravo

Moli Mogul Mane Kaje, I Dadhali Kaje’

The above charju is sung in the charons and earlier in the night it is the time of night, when the incense is burning and the charani i charju sing means that the hearts of the good people start beating and the ones that are not beating start to beat. This is the power of Aart Naad, when Art Naad is performed, the garlands also stand up, and the power of Charan’s blanket is that ‘when the blanket is folded and the hand is turned over the stool, the stool also stands up’.

In three and a half paams of charans, nine lakh Lobaliyali, eighty four charans and many saints ‘Ishara So Parameshwara’ Saiji Julo, Kolvo Bhagat, Jetbai, Hansbai, Radha have become such great great gods and goddesses. These charjus are sung in different houses but Tarvale can be worn only by charans, but now the upper classes have also started wearing tarvale. Khambe has also started keeping blankets. Only Charan knows the glory of blanket and fin. Ghanshyamgiribapu has released a book called 21 names of Mataji, taking such Charani Jogamaya into the Charan Samaj.

21 names in Mughal are Munguii, Mangali, Mughali, Ladkii, Mangalai, Machhralii, Halkarii, Dadhalii, Shiromanii, Radheshrii, Dhandhaliyanii, Mogaleshwarai, Mahakalii, Charankul Kainii, Jaswari I, Nav Lakh Nejali, Hempambali, Hempobali means Himalayas. The one who rains the wind and the cold wind is the Mogul and the Lobliya, Okhalu I. Especially in Lobli there is scientific potential. Charani Io blankets because gravity cannot pass through the lobes.

Ghanshyamgiribapu said that there are two bags of nine lakh lobaliyali in total. One is Thala in Vondha and the other is in Walowad, a village of well-known artist Kirtidan. Both of these are major thalas in India. Indian culture is ours, so many places hold beliefs, but if these beliefs are sometimes mistakenly removed, go to Vondha’s ground or Nav Lakh’s ground and give a shriphal, savaser lapsi and a sprinkling to Mataji, then all the beliefs will be fulfilled. Telling the history of nine lakhs of Vondh, he said that the history of Vondh is connected with Sardhar.

There was a time when Sardhar was ruled by Bakar Khan. Bakarkha was a very inactive man and his mind was full of distortion. At such a time I Jeevani became young and at that time he used to go to Bharwad, Garhvi, Rabari village to sell milk but his father did not allow Jeevani to go but once stubbornly Jeevani went to sell milk and at that time the people of Bakarkha went out for town darshan and saw Jagdamba. Vaniya came to know about everything because Jeevani and I were like an ambar of roop roop.

He told Jivni Ai’s father that he had gone wrong. When the eyes of the evil have fallen on me, at such a difficult time, I Jivani boldly said that even if the king comes, what should we fear? We are herdsmen. At such a time, the men of Bakarkha came and said to Jivni Ai, “Let’s go.” When Bakarkha called, I walked boldly and climbed up trembling, so the gatekeeper sent the message that the girl is coming boldly.

Then Bakarkha realized that I must have been angry with him and when he went to Sama to take him, he assumed the form of a lioness and turned Bakarkhan around in the vicinity of the Dabochi Sardar and knocked Bakarkhan upside down in front of the entire Sardar. Thanak hare will be your grave and if someone sits on your grave and eats gathia or gram then all the pains will be cured’ and at such a time there was an uproar among the people. The entire society came and prayed to me that I would calm down now, and from then on, I was named Singh Moi.

There is a verse for that

O deer cause I,

bakar maryo bai’

At such a time, Dhana Naiya, i.e. the father of my life, started to feel that I should calm down at home now. At that time Jeevani refused to go home and announced that Antar Dhyana would be done. Charan finally spoke that I am your father no matter what, if you believe me, you are at home now but I refused. Finally, seeing my father choking my father, Jivni said that ‘Your spirit has entered into me. And must be seen as a daughter. So I will incarnate in Kutch and what will be my name’ said this and we will meet there. After that I Jivani was born in Vongh village of Bhachau taluka where Hanga Vikal of Vikal branch was born there. That if a nesda is built in the middle of Gadhavi, then saints can find apasaras there even now a big apasaras are seen there.

Besides, Jivni Ai’s father asked that why should I recognize many people in Kutch, when I said that you will not say anything like that until you do not even wear a blanket on your head and gave this sign. After 10 to 12 years, Dhana Naiya went on a journey to Kutch and when he reached Vikal Ness, the Gadvi of Kutch said that you are going to which village of Kathiawad now? Then Dhananaiya said that he is coming from Sardhar near Rajkot, Hanga Vikal and others said that Jivani I Dhana Naiyaan has incarnated there.

Then Dhana Naiya said that I am Jeevani’s father and now I am looking for Jeevani. And when they started crying, Hanga Vikal said that after making all the pilgrimage to Kutch, you just say where you want to go, when Dhana Naiya said that I have only come in search of my daughter Jeevani, who is given the name Jashu in Kutch, Hangavikal said that my daughter’s name is also Jashu. But when she didn’t say anything and didn’t even touch her head, Dhanaiya said that now I want to die. Then Dhana Naiya went and Jashu spoke and wrapped the blanket and clung to Dhana Naiya.

In the next six months many pilgrims started coming and making announcements. As time went on, no one knew that the sister of the king of Bhujan had been married to Idar, but the king of Idar had married another woman he loved, so the honor of the Bhujan princess fell. Bhujan Raja’s worries increased and the king of Bhuja sent a message to his sister saying that the one who harassed you should be made a field, but the sister refused because if there was a war, she would become a widow herself.

Then Charan said that now he will see everything. Then the king said that ‘Kaviraj you should leave’ Kaviraj sat on the hill of Idar and played the vanjitra. The king of Idar liked it very much and the king ordered to bring this vajitra player to the royal palace. Then Charan came to the royal palace. So the princess of Bhuj recognized from the dress of Kutch that the man was from Kutch, so the queen called that man. And talking to him told the king that he comes from Kutch. Don’t talk like that.

Then the king called that charan and asked him to play the yantra, when the charan got the strings but did not find the strings, the charan said that sit the true Kshatriyani, she will not play my yantra in front of this woman. When King Dharena began to give gold seals, Charan said that I am not hungry for Dharena, the Rajput said, “Say whatever you see.” Charan said, “Leave this woman whom you have married in the form of Mohi, and seat a real Kshatriya. Then the king respected Charan and seated the Kshatriya. Charan returned to Bhuj and told the king of Bhuj.” Give the letter that the princess is now safe in Eder. Then when the king of Bhuj went to Idar, on his way back, when Vongha came, all the people said that if the king of Bhuj comes, arrangements should be made.

Then it comes into what is spoken. The King of Bhuja comes in a chariot as people speak. Then it was said in Jashun that no one can ride on an elephant as long as there are nesads of the herdsmen. This message reached the king of Bhujan and the king came to know that the twelve-thirteen-year-old charan’s daughter was saying this. Then when the king went to see this Charani Ai, the king said that Bhujiya should tame the snake, so I believe, then I Bhujiya went to give milk to the snake and after drinking the milk, the snake went back to Rafala.

And then Jashun Ai decided not to be in front of the world, so when Mataji decided to sink into the earth, Navlakh Lobaliyali came and thanked Ai and said that I was ashamed of the herdsman society and asked Jashu Ma to ask for something, but Jashu I said that I just want blessings. Then all the eyes changed strongly and Jashu demanded that ‘with me you live here with me.’ Since then Vongh also has a thala of Navelakh.

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