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bhaguda mogal dham wikipedia

Here i will share guide on bhaguda mogal maa so it called like wikipedia type of guide so let’s start

mogal maa bhaguda history

mogal maa was not speaking when she was born. Everyone believed that mogal was Munga but no one realized his power. mogal was married at the age of 40. In mogals father-in-law is Gorvayali village of Bhensan taluka of Jungadh, Mataji is married to his daughter-in-law’s son. It is a practice of Gadvi society that the niece goes behind the fie, i.e. the daughter is married to the son of the fie.

mogal maa died in carts and horses. I gave about 15 cows, buffaloes to work and at that time I sent another girl to work with my daughter, at that time I sent Vanji to serve my mother. At that time the marriage took place with Akhatrija.

In earlier times Akhatriya was considered as the best Muhurta. As Mataji’s life departed, Charan asked Mataji many questions on the way but mogal maa didn’t say anything, so Charan asked questions to Vanji, so Vanji started talking to Charan and also gave all the introductions. While talking like this, the mind progressed and thirteen and a half hundred years ago there was a mantra age.

Vanji said to Charan that ‘Father I know something’ so Kaviraj said, son what do you know? Then Vanji took a grain of flour and struck it and said, “If the water tank has not broken and the water is coming, Janaiya held the cloth high and started shaking in the milk and at the same time started shaking in the Mughal.” So people realized that there is no long understanding in this. Do not do this.

where is bhaguda mogal dham?

bhaguda mogal dham is located at 6VXW+FV9, Bhaguda Rd, Dist, Bhaguda, Gujarat 364295 so you can visit this


bhaguda mogal dham distance

distance of bhaguda mogal maa mandir is depend on where you located at so you can check we have given below area vise guide

bhavnagar to bhaguda mogal dham

if you want to reach bhaguda mogal dham from bhavnagar it take 1 hours and 41 minutes for that you have to cross 75,2 kilometers

rajkot to bhaguda mogal dham

rajkot to bhaguda is around 204 kilometer which take 4 hours and 51 minutes to reach mogal dham bhaguda

bhaguda mogal dham contact number

there is currently contact number it not provides by official source so we can not share with you but when we get we will share you

bhaguda mogal dham aarti time

usually aarti time is early morning at 5 am and 6 pm at night
mogal dham kabrau

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why bhaguda mogal dham is so popular?

mogal maa given many tracts are given in Bhaguda, and it fulfills the wishes of people, so many devotees have faith in it.

what is mogal dham bhaguda timing?

bhaguda mogal dham is open 24 hours by 365 days because is so famous temple in bhaguda so many people come for darshan

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