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Today I will talk about new flower garden dindoli, so you can visit the best garden in surat

The most magnificent flower garden in Surat, which is called the Diamond City of Gujarat, has been opened to the public. This garden is in the Limbayat zone area of the city, which falls in Dindoli TP-69. It has been prepared at a cost of about Rs 14 crore. More than one and a half lakh plants of flowers were planted here. In which many exotic flowers are also included. it is new garden in surat

flower garden dindoli surat
flower garden dindoli surat

What is flower garden dindoli?

Surat Municipal Corporation has created a stunning flower garden where 12 varieties of flowers bloom. The inauguration of this captivating garden took place on February 5th. Situated in the Dindoli area of the city, the flower garden boasts an assortment of vibrant flowering plants.

To enhance the charm of the dindoli flower garden, the paths and walls have been adorned with exquisite designs. Additionally, there are several water tanks adding to its allure. With a total of 160,000 saplings of colorful flowers, courtesy of Corporator Sudhakar Chaudhary, the garden showcases a rich tapestry of nature’s beauty. Unfortunately, incidents of theft have occurred in the garden, prompting the corporator to propose measures to address this issue.

The Municipal Corporation has also dedicated attention to the seasonal flower rings, flourishing markets, and verdant grasslands within the garden. Moreover, flowers that bloom in alignment with the different seasons have been thoughtfully planted, adding further variety and charm.

Experience the splendor of Surat’s flower garden dindoli, where nature’s bounty unfolds in twelve different ways.

flower garden dindoli surat

flower garden surat dindoli timing

it is open every day you can visit any day that you want to wish to be also you can check government official site of flower garden dindoli for timing

what is flower garden surat dindoli time table?


Opening Time

Closing Time


8:30 AM

10:00 PM


8:30 AM

10:00 PM


8:30 AM

10:00 PM


8:30 AM

10:00 PM


8:30 AM

10:00 PM


8:30 AM

10:00 PM


8:30 AM

10:30 PM

flower garden dindoli ticket price

Flower garden dindoli ticket price is 20 indian rupees

Please note this there is no online ticket booking services available when we get this we will share with you

flower garden dindoli address

5V4H+F3X, Ramipark Society, Royal Star Town ship, Rami Park, Dindoli, Parvat Gam, Gujarat 394305

floral garden dindoli contact number

There is contact number currently unavailable but I will share you when it comes with me

also i want to clear you this is called dindoli floral garden so remember this

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FAQs on flower garden surat dindoli

Where is flower garden surat Located AT?

Flower garden is located in the Limbayat zone area of the city, which falls in Dindoli TP-69

How can you reach surat flower garden dindoli?

you can reach flower garden surat by cabs, private vehicle or bike and also you can get by public bus

When can you visit  the flower garden?

If you want to visit flower garden then evening and nighttime is best, and you can choose morning time it is best also it is depended based on choice

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