Zarwani Waterfall: Discover Nature’s Gem in the Narmada District

Zarwani Waterfall is a mesmerizing natural wonder situated in the beautiful Narmada District. Located just 28 km away from Rajpipla towards Kevadia Colony, at the Narmada Dam site, this stunning waterfall is nestled within the enchanting Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary boasts a diverse range of flora and fauna, making it a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. From wild sloth bears to hyenas and various species of deer, the sanctuary offers a chance to encounter some of the most fascinating creatures in their natural habitat, including the rarely seen rhesus monkeys and barking deer or muntjacs.

Exploring the Enchanting Beauty of Zarwani Waterfall

Zarwani Waterfall is not just a sight to behold but also a place for adventure and relaxation. Visitors can arrange day picnics or treks with the help of the forest department, providing easy access to the forest, waterfalls, and other natural beauties. The proximity to other popular sightseeing areas like the Shoolpaneshwar Temple and the Gheer Khadi makes Zarwani Waterfall an ideal destination for a wholesome experience.

Zarwani Waterfall
Zarwani Waterfall

Facilities at Zarwani Waterfall

Zarwani Waterfall offers a range of facilities to ensure visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable stay amidst nature’s bounty:

Orientation CentreGet insights before you begin your adventure
Cottages with attached bathCozy accommodations with modern amenities
Tented AccommodationsExperience camping in the lap of nature
DormitoryBudget-friendly lodging for group travelers
Separate Kitchen & DiningEnjoy delectable meals amidst the wilderness
Eco CampsiteFully developed campsite for a close-to-nature experience
Veg & Non-Veg FoodDelicious meals provided by the Eco Tourism Committee
Campfire AreaGather around for warmth and camaraderie
MachaansElevated platforms for wildlife and landscape viewing
Nature Walking TrailImmerse yourself in the serenity of the surroundings

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Tips for Responsible Nature Exploration

  • As responsible nature lovers, it is essential to preserve and protect the environment. Here are some tips to keep in mind during your visit to Zarwani Waterfall:
  • Visit the Orientation Centre: Begin your journey by visiting the Orientation Centre, where you can learn about the area’s flora, fauna, and safety guidelines.
  • Conserve Energy: Most Eco Campsites use solar energy for electricity. Use it responsibly to minimize your ecological footprint.
  • No Smoking: Smoking can cause forest fires, so it’s crucial to refrain from smoking within the sanctuary.
  • Respect Wildlife: Avoid intrusive photography and sudden movements that may disturb the wildlife. Do not approach animals closely or try to scare them off.
  • Leave No Trace: Do not pick plants or insects, and avoid littering. Dispose of trash in designated receptacles.
  • No Pets Allowed: For the safety of both animals and visitors, pets are not permitted inside the sanctuary.
  • No Hunting or Weapons: Do not carry any hunting devices or weapons during your visit.

How to Reach Zarwani Waterfall?

By Road:
Zarwani Waterfall is well connected by road, and National Highway 8 (NH8) passes through Baroda, providing easy access to the area.

By Train:
The nearest major rail node is Vadodara, located 90 km away. Vadodara is well connected to major cities like Mumbai and Delhi via premium trains such as Shatabdi and Rajdhani.

By Air:
For those traveling by air, Vadodara is the nearest major airport, with domestic flights connecting to various cities in India.

Distances to Zarwani Waterfall from Major Locations

FromDistanceTravel TimeRoute
Statue of Unity12.1 km35 minVia Statue of Unity Rd
Vadodara97.2 km2 hr 13 minVia GJ SH 63
Rajpipla27.9 km46 minVia NH56
Ahmedabad204.9 km3 hr 51 minVia NE1
Bharuch93.7 km2 hr 21 minVia GJ SH 64
Pavagadh101 km2 hr 23 minVia GJ SH 175 and GJ SH 63

Zarwani Waterfall Ticket Price

Enjoying the beauty of Zarwani Waterfall is affordable for all:

Two-wheeler: ₹140
Car (up to 6 people): ₹400
Luxury Bus: ₹3500
Tickets can be booked at their office or on-site, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Is Zarwani Waterfall Open Today?

Zarwani Waterfall is generally open every day unless there are heavy rains or adverse weather conditions in the area. It’s always advisable to check for any specific closures or updates before planning your visit.

Key Takeaway

Zarwani Waterfall, situated in the heart of the Narmada District, is a captivating destination that offers a perfect blend of nature, adventure, and tranquility. Surrounded by the Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, it provides a unique opportunity to witness diverse wildlife and untouched natural beauty. By being a responsible nature lover and following the guidelines, we can ensure the preservation of this pristine ecosystem for future generations to cherish. So, pack your bags, embark on a journey of discovery, and experience the enchantment of Zarwani Waterfall!

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