Adiyogi Lord Shiva statue, Location, Timing, Photos, Fees

In the heart of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, nestled amidst the serene Velliangiri Foothills, stands a towering marvel of spiritual significance – the Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue. This awe-inspiring 112-feet tall statue, dedicated to Lord Shiva, represents not just an architectural wonder but also embodies the profound wisdom of yoga and meditation.

The Significance of Adiyogi

Adiyogi, the first yogi, is a unique manifestation of Lord Shiva. As the originator of yoga, he opened 112 possibilities for human beings to attain their ultimate potential. The Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue, weighing over 500 tonnes, is a symbolic representation of these 112 chances and serves as a guiding light for spiritual seekers on their journey of self-realization.

The Marvelous Architecture

Crafted from black stone, the Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue is a masterpiece of architecture and engineering. It was built in February 2017 by the Isha Yoga Foundation, under the guidance of Sadguru. Standing tall at 112 feet, the statue is an extraordinary sight, captivating the hearts and minds of all who behold it.

Table: Key Details of the 112-Feet Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue

HeightMaterial UsedLocationInauguration DateFestival
112 feetBlack StoneVelliangiri Foothills, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, IndiaFeb 2017Maha Shivratri

adiyogi shiva statue location:

Mahashivaratri Grounds, Ishana Vihar, Velliangiri Foothills,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Pin code: 641114
Phone Number: 083000 83111


Spiritual Significance and Guinness World Record

The Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue, also known as “the first yogi,” is a symbol of stillness and spiritual transformation. It serves as a guiding force for those seeking inner peace and self-discovery through yoga and meditation. The statue’s serene countenance and divine presence create an atmosphere of tranquility, making it an ideal space for contemplation and inner exploration.

In recognition of its grandeur and significance, the Guinness Book of World Records declared the 112-feet Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue as the world’s largest bust. The prestigious acknowledgment further solidifies its place as a global marvel, attracting visitors from all corners of the world.

adiyogi shiva statue at night
adiyogi shiva statue at night

Plan Your Visit

Temple Timing:

The Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue is open for visitors from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Best Time to Visit:

The best time to experience the splendor of the Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue is during the months of October to February, when the weather is pleasant and conducive to exploring the surroundings.

Entry and Photography:

Entry to the statue complex is free, and visitors are allowed to capture the magnificent beauty of Adiyogi through photography.

how to reach adiyogi shiva statue from coimbatore

By Air:
The nearest international airport is Coimbatore International Airport, which is well-connected to major cities in India and abroad.

By Rail:
The nearest railway station is Coimbatore Railway Station, which is well-connected to various parts of India.

By Bus or Road:
There are plenty of public and private transportation options available to reach the Isha Yoga Center and witness the splendor of the Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue.

adiyogi shiva statue photos

Adiyogi Shiva statue photos
Adiyogi Shiva statue photos

Key Takeaway

The 112-feet tall Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India, is not just a magnificent architectural feat but a sacred symbol of profound spiritual significance. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the first yogi and the originator of yoga, the statue stands as a beacon of hope, guiding spiritual seekers on their path to self-discovery and inner transformation.

Visiting the Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue during the auspicious time of Maha Shivratri or any time between October to February allows you to experience its divine energy and find moments of stillness in the midst of the Velliangiri Foothills’ tranquil surroundings.

So, embark on a journey to this sacred abode, seek the blessings of Adiyogi, and immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance that resonates within this magnificent 112-feet icon.

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Why is Adiyogi statue famous?

The Adiyogi statue is famous for several reasons. Firstly, it is the tallest statue of Lord Shiva in the world, standing at a majestic height of 112 feet. Secondly, it represents Adiyogi, the first yogi, who is believed to have imparted the knowledge of yoga to humanity. The statue holds deep spiritual significance and attracts people from all over the world seeking inner peace and self-realization. Additionally, the Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the world’s largest bust, adding to its global fame.

Is it free to visit the Adiyogi statue?

Yes, it is absolutely free to visit the Adiyogi statue. There is no entry fee to explore the statue and its surroundings. Visitors can experience the serenity and grandeur of the statue without any charge.

What is the ticket price of the Adiyogi light show?

As of the latest information available, the Adiyogi light show is not mentioned to have a separate ticket price. However, it is essential to verify the most up-to-date details before planning a visit, as circumstances may change.

What is the story about Adiyogi Shiva?

According to ancient Hindu mythology, Adiyogi Shiva is considered the first yogi and the originator of yoga. He is revered as a divine figure who transmitted the profound knowledge of yoga to the seven sages, known as the Sapta Rishis, thousands of years ago. Adiyogi Shiva’s teachings formed the foundation of the yogic practices that are followed worldwide today. The Adiyogi Lord Shiva Statue is a representation of this sacred knowledge and serves as a symbol of spiritual awakening and inner transformation.

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