Waterfalls near Pavagadh: Hathni Mata and Khuniya Mahadev

If you’re a nature enthusiast seeking to explore the picturesque waterfalls near Pavagadh, Gujarat, then the waterfalls in this region are an absolute must-visit. Two mesmerizing waterfalls, Hathni Mata Waterfall and Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall, offer an unforgettable experience that will leave you enchanted. Let’s delve into the details of these captivating destinations and how you can plan your visit.

Waterfalls near Pavagadh
Waterfalls near Pavagadh

Discover the Enchanting Best Waterfalls near Pavagadh

  1. Hathni Mata Waterfall
  2. Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall

1. Hathni Mata Waterfall: A Divine Cascade

Location: Close to Pavagadh Jambughoda, Gujarat
Temple: Small temple dedicated to Hathni Mata located in a cave near the waterfalls
Legend: The name “Hathni” was derived from a rock resembling a baby elephant at the base of the waterfall.

Hathni Mata Waterfall, situated near Shivrajpur, is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Gujarat and a popular spot among locals and youngsters. The waterfall, cascading along a cliff for about 100 meters, is a sight to behold, especially during the monsoon season when it is in its full glory. The lush green hills surrounding the falls add to the divine beauty of this natural wonder.

Best Time to Visit Hathni Mata Waterfall

The months of July and August, during the monsoon season, are the ideal time to witness the Hathni Waterfall in all its splendor. September and October also offer a delightful experience with fewer visitors, making it a serene retreat.

Things to Do at Hathni Mata Waterfall

Dirt Biking: During the monsoon season, the tracks leading to the waterfall, passing through cornfields and jungles, become a thrilling route for dirt biking enthusiasts.

Photography: Capture the essence of the picturesque Jambughoda with its abundant forests and wildlife, providing an excellent opportunity for photography.

Travel Tips

Carry bottled drinking water and wear sturdy shoes for the hike.
If visiting during the rainy season, bring necessary waterproof wear.
Pack snacks/food items as per your requirement.
Note that rock climbing is strictly prohibited at the falls due to lack of supervision.

Nearby Attractions

  • Jambughoda Wildlife Century
  • Kada Dem
  • Pavagadh Hill
  • Pavagadh Mahakali Temple
  • Zand Hanuman Temple
  • Baroda City
  • Wadhwana Lake
  • Sukhi Dam
  • Jambughoda Eco Camping

How to Reach Hathni Mata Waterfall?

  • By Air: The nearest airport is Vadodara airport.
  • By Road: Hathni Mata Waterfall is approximately 85 kilometers away from Vadodara.
  • By Train: Vadodara Railway Station is the nearest railhead.

2. Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall: An Adventurous Hideaway

Location: Near Pavagadh, behind Mahadev Temple
Best Time to Visit: Monsoon season, particularly during the Hindu month of ‘Shravan’

Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall, tucked away near Pavagadh, is a hidden gem awaiting your discovery. While not as popular as its counterpart, the allure of this waterfall lies in its adventurous journey. As you venture to this enchanting location, immerse yourself in the thrill of walking along the water stream to reach the falls. The approximately one-hour walk from the main road inside the jungle area adds to the excitement of the trip.

Travel Tips

  • Travel in a group and bring an extra pair of sandals or footwear.
  • Carry essential items like food, drinking water, extra clothes, towels, garbage bags, and an umbrella.
  • Please be a responsible visitor by avoiding littering and disposing of waste properly.

Additional Details of Khunia Mahadev – Pavagadh
Address: Near Shahri Dawaza, Pavagadh, Halol
Darshan Timings: 7 AM to 9 PM

Whether you choose the divine serenity of Hathni Mata Waterfall or the adventurous charm of Khuniya Mahadev Waterfall, both destinations promise a memorable experience. Embark on a journey of natural wonders near Pavagadh, and be captivated by the majestic beauty these waterfalls offer. Witness the magic of cascading waters and verdant landscapes that will rejuvenate your soul and leave you with cherished memories to treasure forever.

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