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Looking for transparent pencil pouch that give you high quality with low rate then do not worry we will help to get you 

today we will give you pack of 2 transparent pouches that cost you 299 with free delivery on Amazon

also I think you are thinking on mind, why they are give at this rate because we are manufacture and selling on Amazon so let’s see why choose our pouch

made from high quality plastic material and high quality zip and chain 

transparent pencil pouch for exam school

transparent pencil pouch for exam school also called pencil cases that help for student in exam

PREMIUM CLEAR POUCH: Donga transparent pencil case is made of premium PVC material with premium zipper ensuring durability, easy to open and close with large storage capacity, this bag can also be used as a makeup bag for travel. accommodate your cosmetic items and much more.
Large Capacity: This transparent school pouch has large capacity to hold your pen, pencils, notes, ruler, calculator, Whitener and many more, a perfect bag for storing fixed items such as travel pouch, cash , makeup items, personal care items, etc. 
Please keep in mind, Fixed items are not included with this clear exam pencil case

transparent pouch for exam

in some school there is an rule while student going for exam they must bring transparent pencil pouch, so it is easy for authority to checking process so they demand this, but it is also beneficial for student so their time can’t be west

transparent pouch for school

depending on particular location of that school, there are different type of demand of them, so it becomes compulsory for Cary out to school

transparent pencil pouch price

usually cost of transparent pen pouch is 250 t0 299 depend on which quality material you decided to choose the more you pay, the better quality you get in return it is simple logic 

how to make transparent pouch?

you have to make clear that what is size of pouch then pick one plastic sheet and zipper then you have to do sewing and your transparent pencil pouch with zipper ready to use

how to make pencil pouch?

it is depended on what type of pencil pouch you want to make, you need material of that type and high quality zipper and one sewing machine to sewing pouch there are different type of pencil pouch you can make

why transparent cases turn yellow?

Transparent cases are made from plastic sheet, and it is effected by environment dust, so it becomes yellow like your phone cases 
what’s in my pencil pouch

what is a pencil pouch

it is one type of stationary item organizer in which student put their school essential item, so it becomes essay to carry all item while going for school or exam

what to put in a pencil pouch

it is depended on what type of your requirement, but usually student put pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, document and some geometrics item in pencil box

are clear pencil cases good

yes clear pencil cases are wonderful because it helps student while going for exam it makes checking process easy in school so time saving process
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FAQs on transparent pencil pouch

How much does a transparent pouch cost?

Basically transparent pencil pouch cost depend on its material, which quality sheet they are using also which type of zip they are use, but it usually cost 80 to 90 for one piece but product delivery charge make it overall costly 

How many rupees is a transparent pouch?

It is depended from where you are purchase usually on Amazon you get pack of 2 with 299 and free delivery with high quality zip and material

How do you make a pencil case transparent?

First you need real design of transparent pencil pouch that you want to make and then transparent sheet and zipper with chain and thread and machine to chew that pouch

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