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Amazon is the king of online shopping. This store really has it all, from A to Z. The best? Amazon manages very good prices and offers offers that, in some cases, are unbeatable. They certainly live up to their motto “order today and get what you want as soon as tomorrow”. And it is that, in addition to the Amazon Prime service, which is one of the best known, there is also an Amazon credit card available.

The good service has made its clientele loyal to the company. Perhaps that is why it is not surprising that Amazon has contributed more than 232,000 million dollars to the economy, only in 2018. If these data have left you shocked and you want to become one of those loyal customers, this article may be for you.

Of course, this does not mean that you should request it, but it would be good to take a look, wouldn’t you think?

What is the Amazon Rewards Visa Card?

The number of Amazon credit cards is not very extensive. After all, it is an online store, not a bank. However, you have a varied offer to choose from: the Amazon Rewards Visa and the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature.

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Credit Card works just like any other credit card would. However, it does have some extra features that you might find attractive:

3% cash back on purchases you make at or in the Whole Foods section.

2% cash back on payments you make at fuel service stations, pharmacies and restaurants.

1% cash back on any other purchase that doesn’t fall into any of the other categories.

By receiving an Amazon credit card you will also have access to a welcome bonus. It is a $50 gift card to spend however you want. If you’re worried about the annuity on the card, you shouldn’t because it’s $0.

How does the Amazon card work?

Now that you have an idea of ​​the benefits that the Amazon card could give you, let’s see how it works. To do so, we will study three aspects of the credit card separately:

Amazon’s card-issuing bank

Although this credit card is offered by Amazon, the issuing bank is Chase Bank USA, N.A.; a subsidiary of the famous JPMorgan Chase & Co. It could be said then that this is the bank that supports it.

Chase, like all the big banks in the country, has its supporters but also its detractors. However, having a credit card issued by a recognized and expanded bank in the United States offers certain advantages: you will be able to contact a customer service representative 24/7 and go to any branch to resolve any problems you have with the card .

With Chase by your side—and its $2.7 trillion in assets, 5,700 branches, more than 16,000 ATMs in the United States, and nearly 25,000 employees in 100 countries around the world—you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Rewards: how the Amazon card works

If you shop a lot on Amazon and are looking for a rewards credit card, the Amazon Card might be the one for you. Why? Because, as we already said above, it comes with some benefits.

On the one hand, you can earn a 3% discount -in cash back- for all the purchases you make on; this in addition to 2% for eating in restaurants, putting fuel in the car or buying products at your favorite pharmacy; and 1% for any other purchases you complete.

How does the Amazon card work? Let’s see it in an example. Let’s say you buy a product on Amazon for $20. In this case, you will earn a 3% discount. This discount will be made to you through a cash refund.

That 3% equals 60 cents. Each penny is worth one point, so that $20 purchase will earn you 60 points. You can redeem every 100 points for $1.

Note: When will your points be available to use? As soon as they are processed as a discount at the Amazon checkout.

Remember: Once your Amazon card is approved, you will receive a $50 gift card.

Another point in favor is that, with the Amazon card on your side, you will not have to pay extra charges or fees for foreign transactions. Another advantage? Well, unlike other rewards cards, with Amazon there is no earning limit on cash back and your points do not expire.

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More interested in the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card? Let’s take a look at its features:


Welcome bonus: a $100 gift card as soon as your card is approved.

Rewards for shopping at or Whole Foods: 5% (For Prime members)

Rewards for purchases at restaurants, gas stations or pharmacies: 2%.

Rewards for all other purchases: 1%.

With this card, you could also receive 20% cash back on the purchase of select products on

If you like to travel, the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature credit card could also give you some surprises. You will be able to upgrade your room or upgrade to VIP guest status at all hotels that belong to the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection.

In addition, you will have access to a free 24/7 concierge service to plan your trip, purchase airline tickets and make reservations.

The interest rate of the Amazon card

Your card’s APR (APR) will depend on your credit history. And, with the Amazon card, there is no introductory APR offer. What could you expect in this case? An APR that varies between 15.99% and 23.99%.

Balance transfers you make with your Amazon card will have the same APR for purchases. Of course: remember that although there are no cards specially designed for balance transfers, there are some options that work with a much more attractive APR than this card would offer you.

As for the cash advances that you request with your Amazon card, it is important that you know that they will have an interest rate of 26.74%.

Remember: You have 21 days after your billing cycle ends to pay your card balance in full to avoid any interest charges. Whatever you do, try to pay your Amazon credit card on time, as the late payment fee is $39, depending on the balance.

Note: Amazon Card customers will pay $5 or 5% of the amount in the event of a balance transfer, whichever is greater. In case of cash advances, the fee will be $10 or 5% of the amount; again, whichever is greater.

How to use Amazon credit card points?

If you want to exchange your points for cash instantly, you can do it in the following way. First, select your Amazon credit card as the payment method. When you do, the page will show you the balance of points you have accumulated. What you can do in this case is select your points to pay for your purchase and that’s it!

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How to get Amazon credit card?

To apply for the Amazon card, visit the credit card section on and sign in. Complete the form and voila! Of course: take into account that, to be approved, your credit score should be 640 points or more.

Note: You don’t just need a good credit score to get an Amazon credit card. Chase and Amazon will also look at your income, if you have notes on your credit history, what your approved credit/credit usage ratio is, whether or not you’re employed, among other factors.

In short, Amazon credit card: how it works and how to get it

Although the Amazon Credit Card is ideal for those who shop frequently on, the rewards structure it works with could also make it a good option for those who shop elsewhere. The card’s APR is higher than most classic credit cards, but the plastic terms themselves don’t lose their appeal.

Remember that the rewards are valuable, but as long as the buyer has a way to respond to the card payment, preferably in cash. Why? Because the amount of the rewards does not compensate what you will have to pay in interest. Conclusion? Don’t make random purchases just to accumulate points. Save your money and spend it responsibly.

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What credit score does Amazon credit card require?

The Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card is a credit card that offers rewards points and benefits for Amazon shoppers. To be eligible for the card, you must have an active Amazon account and a minimum good credit rating.

Can I get an Amazon credit card with a 600 credit score?

Anyone can get an Amazon credit card, in addition to applying for credit cards online with immediate response and approval is usually very simple, the same happens when applying for an Amazon credit card.

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